Monday, May 14, 2007

JavaOne 2007 day 4, Hibernate Search

Hi this is the last day of JavaOne and my first session is Hibernate-Search, I was interrested in this due to the fact that it I normally have trouble using different advanced search-patterns in my apps and these tend to be slow(execution-time) and hard to develop.

The presentation covered all of this, and explained the problems with text-based search for a domainmodel. I feelt like i understood all of this and the problems with it, the solution for these mismatches between objectmodel and indexed-text-search was made available only for Hibernate users. This was my problem, i was hoping for something more generic that i could implement on the DAO model. I will mail and ask about this, or it might finnaly be time to Contribute something to a openproduct, who knows.

The needed frameworks for this to work is Hibernate, Hibernate-Serarch and Lucene (the searchengine).

The solution is this, its possible to markup our objectmodel with indexing annotations (yes another annotation). These indexes are then mapped to the objectmodel using the model keys. You then use the IndexedSearch (or what it was named) to execute the query to the Lucene index. The result is handeled in the same way as a normal Hibernate-query.

see Hibernate Search

My thought on this are, its really elegant, but lacks integration for non Hibernate users. I would use it if possible!

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