Friday, May 11, 2007

JavaOne 2007 day 3, Superpackage

This day started with superpackages. This is a pretty interresting way to finally use the java-packages the way alot of people, me included, though it should work. The superpackage is suppose to hide your package from other "modules", and then you are suppose to make the ones u want "public" outside the superpackage. The proposal is that a file called is created in the classpath and this is then compiled into a sort of rights controller for your package. The package is then hidden/exported according to your wishes. The example is (cant remember syntax exactly)

superpackage jdk{


this includes the and in the superpackage and then exports the this means that any program that uses this module can only use the The is an internal packade, not possible to use for thirdparty products.

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