Thursday, May 10, 2007

JavaOne 2007 day 2, part 1

This day started out great, a nice showcase of the Oracle Middleware suit and some demos of the way Oracle is thi8nking about Web&JEE. The demos covered JSF(using ADF) and BPEL, the demo showed great stuff that can be made easily, but don't be fooled this still requires that you have a well defined architechture and that you create and upgrade old stuff accordingly.

The first session was WebBeans, this was done bye an overly active Gavin King and his spec-lead-teammate Bob Lee. This was some interresting work in progress, it addresses the problem of different Application Contexts in different frameworks, creating a new Application Context. But the idea is that this should replace the current ones used i Java, for example the JSF managed beans and the EJB3 beans. Thereby creating a common way of declaring contextual dependencies. Seams promising :)

To continue later... jMaki and Spring/SCA.

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