Friday, May 11, 2007

JavaOne 2007 day 3, Project Phobos.

This is another new engine/framework for the java plattform. It is used so that programmers are able to run scripts on serverside and client side. Phobos supports any scripting language that the Script-engines for java does, but its created for javascript. The idea is to use javascript on the server aswell as one the client. This is suppose to be simpler, i dont agree. All the great things about java are all lost, this is just a runtime for the scripties, im not one of them.

The session showed how easy and fast it is to create and manipulate the client and the server. This problem is that i dont like the way the server "feels" like the client. Another thing is that i normally dislike weaktyped languages, the way i like it is on client where i just use it to present the alread trongtyped java-classes. The only framework for this that i have liked so far is DWR. That i like it dones not remove the good parts of java and replace them, it just extendes them and make them visible to javascript.

Phobos would not recommended by me to solve any level of software creation. Harch but its just my view of it.


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