Friday, May 11, 2007

JavaOne 2007 day 2, part 2

The jMaki is a very interresting Ajax-portable/pluggable framework. It hides the underlying implementation of Dojo, Yahoo, and some. this makes really easy to create and change ajax features. It also has plugins for Netbeans and Eclipse. In short the jMaki is framework i would recommend for doing Ajax if you cant have the Ajax4jsf due to lack of JSF.

Spring/SCA (Service Component Architecture), this was semi-interresting. SCA is a large framework for creating really large applications. It now has integration with Spring so that different parts of an SCA application can be done using Spring. This only feels useful for really large applications with the need for rally clean separation between different parts. Not saying this is not a useful arhchitecture, just that its a LARGE one.

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