Wednesday, May 9, 2007

JavaOne 2007 day 1

The first day has finished. It been inspiring and i have been to some interresting sessions.
My schedule this day was
  • General-session, key-note.
  • Java-SE: present and future.
  • General session: Java platform, future.
  • Java-Puzzlers.
  • Closures.
  • JPA, tips and tricks.
The most compelling yet on my schedule was closures. Its a new java language-feature planed for SE-7, read more at here. The Java-SE session was nice and sadly most of it was duplicated in genereal-session, java platform. Java-puzzler was nice and fun. The JPA, tips and tricks was not really well done and i was slightly bored, this was common tips that can be found on any Hibernate-community. I did not learn anything new from this.

The key-note was really well done, some mishaps as always but all done with the style. Liked the idea of JavaFX, but really dont think that there exists anything at this moment, some Alpha libs and technerds that have a cool idea.

Was at the Pavilion getting free drinks and walked into the developers of JMaki, this is an interresting way of approaching Ajax, asked about plugability and ease of rendering changes. This was not a priority nore thought about yet.

That was it, im hoping for more stuff next day.. ce ya soon.

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