Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Private/Public project time

Well i have been away for a long time from this blog and the reason is i have done to many interresting Java experiences the last few years but forgot to share them :)

What have i done -- well, i have coded my first project doing it TDD. We did this using Java 1.5 SDK/Spring/JUnit/Clover. After about 3 months of struggling with the TDD concept the "click" finally came and I can no longer code without it ... and can't understand how I managed without it before.

From the experience of the TDD and JUnit came a bigger interest in the minor areas of Java code as when doing tests i can finally found them interesting enough to care ;)

This interest has now grown into two simplification and extension framework i will try to create as the normal way of doing this is not easy enough.

Both these are about making a Java developers everyday easier and more effective.

I will create a few more posts some time soon on why these projects have been started.

This is just a notice that they exist.

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