Sunday, May 30, 2010

Simple Java soon ready for 1.0 release.

So I have finally found some time to code for this and have created almost all I need to feel like this is a real 1.0 release.


1. Changed name of simplecontainer (IoC) to SimpleInject (injection).
2. Divided the code into more modules (core, i18n, ejb2x, inject)
3. Inject: Added support for Injection (using javax.inject.*)
4. Inject: Added JSR 330 as a verification of the inject module (using the TCK tests)
- Thanks for the inspiration to do this.
5. Updated the Maven2 (pom's) to give a good report that I uploaded to google-code-svn (had some issues here, might talk about those in a seperate blogpost)

Left to do:

1. ejb2x: Finish the ejb2x module (servicelocator) or remove it.
2. Core: Write tests for the Core Util packages
3. Injection: needs more structure for and if it will "implement" Spring and Guice extensions.
4. i18n: Finish the formatters
5. i18n: Add language services for simpler usage of Formatter/LocaleProfile


It was a lot easier to create an injection framework than I though. The verification tests helped alot to realise how to actually perform the code and I also looked a lot on the Kouinject project (he had the same coding style as I do so it was easy to read, atleast compared to Guice and Spring IoC).

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That is really good news and thanks for sharing such information with us. Hope this version will be better than the previous one..